ACCC Youth

      Welcome to ACCC Youth! We encourage students in high school and middle school to attend our activities! In addition to having a whole load of fun, we strive to bring the Gospel of Christ to our members, our communities, and beyond. If you have never visited ACCC Youth, please contact our Youth Director Job Wong! By the way, this site is updated frequently; please come back and see us again!

Sunday School:

7/8th Grades Job Wong, Daniel Hoang. 1-2 Corinthians
9/10th Grades Derek Lee, David Wu, Perry Zheng. Romans
11/12th Grades Cindy Shao (girls), Bill Gu (boys). Course for Life; Year 2.

Upcoming Events:

August 14   Spiritual Gifts and Tests
August 21   Building Community
August 28   Special Event

September 18   Serving Others (Outside our Communities)
September 25   Senior-Led

October 9   Senior-Led
October 22   Respecting One Another

November 13   Senior-Led

Photos from Bake Sale:

Last updated: August 14, 2010